Life & Health Insurance

Individual Health Insurance

Simply put, health insurance is protection against medical costs. A health insurance policy is a contract between an insurer and an individual or group, in which the insurer agrees to provide specified health insurance at an agreed-upon price (the premium). Depending on your policy, your premium may be payable either in a lump sum or in installments.

Health insurance usually provides either direct payment or reimbursement for expenses associated with illnesses and injuries. The cost and range of protection provided by your health insurance will depend on your insurance provider and the particular policy you purchase. If your employer does not offer a health insurance plan, you may wish to purchase health insurance on your own.


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Group Health Insurance

We provide insurance to members of a formal group such as employees of a firm or members of an association. Group insurance is distinguished from individual insurance in which single policies are sold to one person at a time and from social insurance (e.g., unemployment insurance, social security), which is sponsored by the government.

Because every group is different, we take the time to find the right plan for your group.

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance is the foundation of financial security for you and your family. It protects your financial resources against the uncertainties of life so you can safeguard your family's future.

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Dental Insurance

Finally a dental plan to meet your needs!

Rates as low as $0.90 per day

Enroll today & see a dentist tomorrow

No waiting to use your insurance plan

You can use ANY dentist

No network restrictions

Immediate coverage for all services

No Deductibles or Co-Insurance

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No waiting periods or exclusions for pre-existing conditions

Disability Insurance

Becoming disabled through an injury or sickness can mean a significant loss of income. Disability insurance is a form of health insurance that provides a person who becomes disabled with income to cover living expenses that continue in spite of the disability.

People are justifiably concerned about automobile crashes, home fires and deaths in the family, but statistics indicate that the odds of being disabled are much greater. On the average each year 1 out of every 8 people suffer a serious disability.


Offering cost-effective insurance product options for our customers based upon customer driven value 35-year-olds have a 1-3 chance of being disabled for more than 90 days during the rest of their working life.

50% of all mortgage foreclosures are the result of a disabling injury or illness.

Your chance of becoming disabled at any time in your working life is 3 in 10.

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